Fellow Hunters,

     I have been hunting ducks and geese for 40+ years & guiding for 20+ years.  My passion for waterfowling has led me to many states, primarily Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and Canada annually.  
Spending an average of 90+ days afield per season.  I've been on many memorable and some truly spectacular waterfowl hunts.  Whether hunting teal or woodies, greenheads or late season honkers the experience and knowledge I've acquired makes me feel very thankful.

     Serious hunters know that a successful day afield includes scouting a good location, great calling, safe hunting companions and a trained retriever. 

     When I'm not waterfowling I can be found pursuing big Iowa whitetails, sheds, spring gobblers, training retreivers and spending time with my family.

     Book early, don't miss out, give me a call and make arrangements today.  Join me for a waterfowling experience you won't soon forget!

Sincerely, Kurt

Kurt Lemke
RNT Calls Pro-Staff