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Retriever Training Testimonial:  

Dear Kurt:  First and foremost I wish to express my sincere appreciation for the 4 months of training you
provided for our black lab. Baron.  I have had close to 15 labs professionally trained in the past 40 years of hunting.  Baron was probably the most difficult dog I had encountered in my entire life.  I had tried to introduce him to the basic commands of sit, stay and heel with little success.  As we discussed he was so timid and scared that I had no hope of him being a hunting dog.  I had decided that we would have to keep him as a house pet.

After picking him up this past Sunday and you showing me and the family what your expert training had
done for him, We could not have hoped for anything more.  I congratulate you on your professional training methods.  We were just as impressed with your kennel and training grounds and how clean you keep them.

If you ever need a positive recommendation for your training ability, please do not hesitate to have any prospective clients call me.  Being very well known in the hunting community, and my association with Ducks Unlimited, I would consider myself an expert on what is needed to have in a fine hunting companion.  Baron, may be one of my best, and I have had many labs that could have become field trail champions.  I was just too selfish to have them travel all over the country without me.  I wanted my family to enjoy all our dogs on a daily basis

In closing I worked Baron last night and he preformed just like he did last Sunday.  I can not wait to take him to my Canadian hunting camp next month.  He will shine in front of all my hunting buddies.  He should get a good workout, because he will be the only dog hunting with us.  Should have over 500 ducks shot over him, and 300 big Canada Geese.  Wait till he has to pick up a 13 plus pound greater Canada and bring it back to me.  The pleasure that your fine training will provide me and my family can't be measured in dollars. 

My sincere thanks to you!

Most Sincerely,

Bill Artis Sr.
Artis Furniture Co.