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Gun Dog ~ September 2007

A Bird Hunter’s Diary

By Chad Mason


The Annual Report: “Year of the Duck”                           


"...a veteran dog trainer and waterfowl guide named Kurt Lemke. For three decades Lemke has trained all breeds of gun dogs – with a special penchant for retrievers – and guided waterfowl hunters from around the country near his Iowa home. Lemke is an “old school” outdoorsman who can amass the fruit of Creation in great piles, whether ducks, geese, deer, pheasants, turkeys or mushrooms. He could have been a market hunter if only he hadn’t been born a couple generations too late."

"...Kurt had scouted the place and knew the movements of local waterfowl intimately. We had just finished placing decoys and settled into our layout blinds along the pond shore when mallards began raining in...."